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About the authors of Nerd-Alert:

If you ever were to wonder who the authors are, wonder no more!

CurCur is a comic-loving gamer, raised with love, scifi and Nintendo. She speaks a horrible mixture of Finnish, Swedish and English and therefore takes terrible pressure in writing. CurCur loves art, and has drawn since an early age. Her favorite artists include Alphonse Muncha, Salvador Dali, Don Rosa, Juanjo Guarnido, Audrey Beardsley and Hugo Simberg. CurCur loves videogames, movies, books, carrot-pineapple juice and cats. She hates cold weather, civics, deadlines and unorganized places.
On the internet CurCur can be found at deviantArt, her blog, animelist or her online portfolio.
Shandr, also known as Sanwall, is an aspiring author and comic artist as well as a nerd and geek extraordinaire. She has two and a half webcomics (Anarchy, APAACM and Nerdalert), and has won NaNoWriMo several times.
She is currently majoring in History. Interests include (but are not limited to): Literature, history, comics, geeky fandoms (such as Star Trek and Doctor Who) and coffee. Dislikes not knowing stuff and people who burn books.
Can be found lurking about the internet on deviantArt or wordpress.

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